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sister circle

  i can’t help but notice that it’s national best friend day, it’s all over IG.  pics of beautiful friends loving on one another, it’s good to see. i had a conversation the other day and I expressed that having a dope sister circle is crucial.  it is important that women have that 1 or tribe that she can lay out everything to.  that sisterhood that loves you and won’t judge you.  that person that sees you and uplifts your spirit.  lastly the person that will be loyal and fair.                              loyal and fair, those are big for me.  when I moved to GA 12 years ago...

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new website-who dis???

  glorayyyy!  finally got the new website up and i am excited.  my first of many blog post, even more excited. thanks to christina that knows everrrrethang- i am technically challenged 😜.   allow me to introduce myself.  well if you have been following my page or have brought a turban you may know a little about me already. i was born and raised in queens, ny- i miss home.  i lead with my heart ( that may or may not be a good thing) i know who i am and my worth. i will go to bat for my family and my friends.  i am a mother of two ( what a job😩) and a wife. i love GOD!   i...

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