sister circle

  i can’t help but notice that it’s national best friend day, it’s all over IG.  pics of beautiful friends loving on one another, it’s good to see. i had a conversation the other day and I expressed that having a dope sister circle is crucial.  it is important that women have that 1 or tribe that she can lay out everything to.  that sisterhood that loves you and won’t judge you.  that person that sees you and uplifts your spirit.  lastly the person that will be loyal and fair.                           

  loyal and fair, those are big for me.  when I moved to GA 12 years ago my motto was “no new friends”, but where were the old friends? to be totally transparent, i gave up.  i didn’t voice what i had been feeling for years and i quit.  no warning, no two week notice, i just quit. that might not have been fair.  sharing milestones/disappointments with them that they didn’t care to share with me.  giving of my time that was not reciprocated, creating spaces for them to share and when it was my turn, they got busy. inviting but not being invited.  life is lifeing for EVERYONE.  don’t get me wrong, there were some beautiful moments and beautiful people in there, memories that i will cherish, and genuine love that’s lasting.

  life, time, and age will definitely force you into certain realities. raymond (my husband) always says that i need to put people in certain categories and respond to them accordingly-men are built different *rolling my eyes. but he is right, everyone is not going to be you, i’m learning how to meet people where they are and place them accordingly in my life. happy best friend day❤️